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Being arrested for Operating a Motorized Vehicle While Impaired (OWI, DUI, DWI or Drunk Driving) can affect a person in numerous and significant ways. As a result, having an experienced attorney assist you can make all the difference. Moreover, knowing your rights will enable you to make the right decision in the event you are stopped by the police.


The criminal defense attorneys of the McEnroe Law Firm have a combined 55 years of experience in practicing criminal law. Their experience comes from years of work as defense attorneys and as former prosecuting attorneys. Our attorneys know that criminal charges can have life changing affects on people and our attorneys recognize that these cases must be handled with absolute dedication to ensure that our client’s rights are not impeded and that they receive a just resolution to their case.


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Recent News

1-10-20: Daniel Rothman argued that his client’s Iowa Code Section 804.20 rights were violated by denying him communications to his wife. The Dallas county judge that heard the matter, agreed. As a result the client’s .318 test result is deemed inadmissible at trial and the DOT must also restore the Defendant’s driving privileges. The State dismissed all charges.


10-7-19: Daniel Rothman won a DOT hearing to get his client’s driving privileges restored. The judge agreed with our argument that the officer had violated Iowa Code 321j.6 procedures in collecting the urine sample. The sample had been positive for an illegal substance but now the DOT will take no action and has removed the incident from the driving record of the client.


9-13-19: An Administrative Law Judge held that Nicholas Carda’s client was misinformed and mislead by the officer before refusing his breath test and ordered the IDOT to reinstate the client’s driving privileges. The criminal prosecutor also stipulated to the violation by the officer after reading the ruling.


8-22-19: A Polk County prosecutor dismissed an OWI charge against Daniel Rothman’s client without a court hearing. They did so after it was shown to the prosecutor that there were filing deadline issues that would lead to a court ordered dismissal if the state fought the case.


6-6-19: Daniel Rothman’s client had their OWI 2nd case dismissed and the dot withdrew all sanctions as the officer violated the client’s 804.20 rights. The officer claimed to have informed the client about their phone call rights but the video footage showed that the officer did not and that she lied about doing so in her official police reports.


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